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Your everyday comfort depends on the integrity of your home’s forced air system. If you’re fiddling with the thermostat and not getting the results you want from your heating and cooling system, call Quality Air Heating & Cooling. We’re the authority on repairs, maintenance, general service and even new installations. We’re totally committed to your comfort, and we’re ready to fix whatever’s impeding it.

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Our Services:

  • Heating:
    Call us for heating repair in Ottumwa, IA and make sure when the temperatures outside start to drop, you’re able to stay toasty warm inside! We handle all major furnace issues, including blower failures, cycling issues, flame sensor problems, pilot light malfunctions and more. We’re also equipped for seasonal maintenance and new installations on all heater, furnace, and boiler brands.
  • Air conditioning:
    Need a Freon check? Problem with a condenser? Failed capacitor? Whatever’s behind your lack of cool air, trust us to remedy it. We’re also around for seasonal startups and shutdowns, as well as new installations if your unit has finally met the end of its life.
  • Air purification:
    Air quality plays a big role in your health and comfort. If you’re constantly sneezing or have itchy eyes when the air kicks on, give us a call to discuss air purification solutions. We can also evaluate your air quality and help you find solutions for improving it—from HEPA filters to duct cleaning and more.
  • Humidifiers:
    Dry air in the winter leaving you with itchy, cracked skin? A whole-home humidifier may be just the thing to improve your air quality during drier months of the year. Talk to us about installation and maintenance services.
  • Dehumidifiers:
    Too much moisture in your home can lead to mold problems and problems breathing. Dehumidifiers take that excess moisture out, leaving you with comfortable air and just the right level of humidity.
  • Inspections:
    Is your HVAC system functioning efficiently? Through a thorough inspection of your system, we’re able to provide a report on its condition and function, as well as shed a light on areas of concern and costs associated with fixing them.

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We know heating and cooling services aren’t always anticipated and the expense that comes with them might be outside your budget. That’s why we always take care to provide you with a free estimate before any work begins.

Efficient Services

Need efficient HVAC service in Ottumwa, IA? We’re on-call to help you tackle unforeseen issues before they take a toll on your home. If your heat goes out or your AC fails, give us a call!

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Quality Air Heating & Cooling makes customer service and satisfaction a top priority, alongside a job well done. Call us today at 641-682-9994 to schedule a service appointment or to speak with our qualified experts about your HVAC needs.